Project: Sustainable Printmaking Shop

Relive the world of print in an environmentally friendly manner

Project Story & Background

The art of printmaking traces back several hundreds of years, with a vast difference in how it was utilized by different cultures throughout time. 

These days, the world has transitioned into such a digital environment, are the days of print dead? As advanced as technology has become, there is still something so very special about printing something by hand. 

I'd like to create a collaborative printmaking space in Brooklyn where people can come to work together, share ideas, learn old and new processes utilizing technology from the old days as well as the new. I want to create a space that pushes the boundaries of printing even further, all while using sustainable materials to help maintain a sustainable carbon footprint.

I want to work on..

  • Work together to create meaningful works of art.
  • Explore ways new digital technology can enhance printmaking.
  • Research environmentally friendly materials.
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